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The Centre for
Positive Behaviour Support

"Caring is a matter of action"

We conduct thorough and quality assessments to build and implement behaviour support plans using the principals of Positive Behaviour Support and Behaviour Analysis, in order to help participants reach their individualised goals.

CPBS' Mission is to educate and support people to implement non-aversive behaviour support strategies.

CPBS' vision is a community where the use of restrictive practices to manage behaviours of concern are eliminated.


Specialist Support Areas

Learning through Positive Behaviour Support

Physical &
Verbal Agression

Avoidance of
Health Procedures

Communication &
Social Training

Skill Acquisition

Improved Quality of Life

Reduction of
Restrictive Practices

Self-Injurious Behaviours

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You can find us throughout Australia

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The Centre for Positive Behaviour Support

Head Office: 2-3/57 Cambridge Parade, Manly, QLD 4179 | Phone: 1800 800 560 | Email:

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